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For easy exploring, my work is within three galleries, Landscapes, Places, and Animals. All paintings are oil on canvas.

Wyoming Road Trip


Trout Dinners


Tippity Top Glacier Park Ram


Death Valley Sketch


Work in Progress

Pictured above is my latest painting during the middle part of my painting process. This began with a photo taken at Death Valley National Park. My challenge was to capture the delicate white flowers amid the colors of Death Valley. See the final painting in the landscape gallery.





Looking Down on Olympic Peninsula


My Working Process

Painting is an observation. One often passes through the landscape or a place often without recognizing its’ uniqueness, emotion, or imagination. Traveling along our chosen path every day, taking what we see for granted. One fails to realize that these images will become important elements in our memories. Reflecting upon a landscape that I have recently passed through, or recalling one from childhood, brings me images to paint. The colors and shapes are strong, yet often fragmented images in my mind. The “snapshots” when melded together may tell a story, create a mood, or recall a memory. Many of the final paintings result from sketches made while riding through the landscape. The motion forces me to draw quickly, without apprehension. The sketches are fresh and filled with movement. These sketches are transformed and blended together to create paintings in my studio. I search for a sense of place, how I relate to it, and the emotions and memories which it evokes. I learn to explore my place in the world; where I have been, and where I want to go, both physically and emotionally.