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For easy exploring, my work is within four galleries, Landscapes, Places, Animals and People. Click on the links to go directly to the gallery you want to visit.

Reflections of Brookgreen


In the Works

Above is a new painting in process for an exhibition at Brookgreen Gardens in 2025. I spent a day visiting the gardens, rice fields, and the zoo. It was the reflections in the pond in the aviary that sparked this piece. I begin by combining my own photos and/or sketches to compose a painting. This one will be large at 48"x36" using cold wax and oils. I've been working many thin layers of color to capture the reflections in the water as well as to create depth.

Passing Storm on the Intracoastal


My Working Process

Painting is an observation. One often passes through the landscape or a place often without recognizing its’ uniqueness, emotion, or imagination. Reflecting upon a landscape that I have recently passed through, or recalling one from childhood, brings me images to paint. The colors and shapes are strong, yet often fragmented images in my mind. The “snapshots” when melded together may tell a story, create a mood, or recall a memory. I search for a sense of place, how I relate to it, and the emotions and memories which it evokes.