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A Visual Journey through Landscapes, Places, Animals and People

Join me as I share my life stories though imagery, created primarily in oil on canvas, or on wood panels. I also work in watercolors, collage, and colored pencil. I use my sketches from the field, along with my own photography to create a visual experience. One usually passes through the landscape, or places in our daily lives, failing to recognize it's uniqueness, emotion, or life. Traveling along our chosen path every day, taking what one sees for granted. One fails to realize that these images will become important elements in our memories. Reflecting upon a landscape which I have recently passed through, or recalling a scene from childhood, brings me the images to paint. The colors and shapes are strong, yet often fragmented images in my mind. The mental “snapshots” when melded together may tell a story, create a mood, or recall a memory. I search for a sense of place, how I relate to it, and the emotions and memories which it evokes. This year I began a new adventure adding people into my work and seeing the new road this leads me to follow.


Meet the Artist

I have been creating artwork since I could hold a crayon. Painting is my passion, and I have had a long career as a designer as well. Currently I am a member of the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA), and am treasurer of the South Carolina NAWA chapter. I am also a member of the Waccamaw Arts and Crafts Guild.

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Looking Down From Moose Road


The above painting, Looking Down from Moose Road, was awarded a Judge's Commendation at the Spring Fusion: Renew and Reinvent exhibition. The judge, Heidi Darr-Hope provided this commentary on her selection for the award: "The soft, rounded voluptuousness of this landscape sings us into the early breaths of Spring. This is a quiet, understated, soothing view of what is just around the corner...the tender emerging greens, the tranquil flowing stream, the gentle drifting clouds, all whisper the promise of growth and renewal. There is an element of benevolent grace held within the small image of the moose, a symbol of independence and wisdom. Has the moose just emerged from wintering in the dark forest to the right? 
Is the moose crossing the river in search of new lands? Looking Down on Moose Road asks us to be gentle with ourselves as we enter into this yearly cycle of rebirth. Poignantly done! Congratulations."


Current and Upcoming Exhibitions 

The NAWA Sisterhood

The Art Museum of Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, SC

January 2nd-April 14th, 2024
Opening Reception:

January 7, 2024 • 1:00-3:00 pm